September 4, 2014

A Day In The Life

Thanks to Helene for writing about different post ideas for today's gem. In case you have ever wondered what happens from sun up to sun down over here in my world then today is your lucky day!

5:18 am- wake up and stumble to the bathroom. I have been trying to drink a TON (or what feels like a small river) of water each day. Thanks to my friend H2O I have some bruised knees and a few extra cuss words to add to my vocabulary at this hour of the day. One would think I may know the way around the bed and to the bathroom by now, but nope...I have the black and blue marks to prove otherwise.

6:17 am- alarm one goes up. I have a complex of setting alarms for actual real times that other people may. You will not find me waking up at 7 am or 6:15 am on purpose, only accident. So...6:17 it is.
Except..I turn it off immediately.

6:21 am- instead of simply hitting snooze at 6:17 I set 4 alarms nightly. I never hit a snooze button until about 3 years ago. I don't know what's worse...hitting snooze or having OCD about setting 4 alarms each night.

6:28 am- alarm 3 goes off. Are you sick of this yet? Me too. By this time Chuck is DEFINITELY annoyed. And I do it...Every. Single. Morning. By this time I am usually awake and scroll through social media and my favorite apps in this order: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, E-Mails, Timehop, and lastly (my newest fave) Authentic Weather.

6:33- while scrolling through my phone my last alarm goes off scaring the shit out of me and I usually drop my phone on my face. It hurts.

6:35- a few more minutes on Instagram (probably my favorite "social media" app) and I get up to head to the shower.

6:48- I am done showering. In the morning I shower much quicker which is weird because I feel like most of the time in movies people take their time, and sing, and wash and wash, and yada yada. Not me...I've got a time schedule to adhere to now that it's not 6:17 anymore.

6:50- put on my PINK towel robe which is perfect for getting ready. I love a nice fuzzy robe, but I end up needing another shower by the time I'm ready to walk out the door.

6:51- walk downstairs to our half bathroom to get ready. The process starts with blow drying my frizz ball curly headed afro and transforming it in to a sleek straight and presentable something. 

6:56- get bored blow drying my hair and stop for a minute to load the diswasher, clean things up in the kitchen or find something that needs done.

7:00- load the Radio Britney app so I can jam out and attempt to fully wake up and prepare for the day.

7:41- done getting ready with hair and make-up ( I sound like a celebrity). Please note that the majority of this time is spent on my hair. You say #longhairdontcare...I say #longhairlongtime

7:45-get dressed in one of many black and white clothing combinations #salongirlproblems and pick out coordinating accessories

7:48-change my necklace, bracelets and earrings probably two more times

7:50- rush out the door to leave for work. Kiss Chuck and Ethan goodbye and run around like a chicken with my head cut off

7:50-7:57- dish out one too many swear words because road rage is my downfall

7:57-arrive at work

8:00-1:00- answer phones that never stop ringing, schedule clients, coordinate spa parties and other duties as assigned ;)

1:00- comes quicker than ever and it's time to eat lunch. Lately it's been a salad, or sometimes I treat myself to Panera every few weeks. It's in the same plaza as my salon and everyone needs a You Pick 2 every now and then.

1:30-5:30- back to the grind. more phones. more people. more everything.

5:30-peace out work!!!

5:32- turn all music off in my car for my drive home. peace & quiet for a few minutes is heavenly.

5:39-arrive home to my dudes. chat about school, work, dinner, and all that other stuff.

5:45-asap change in to sweats and obviously take my bra off (you know you do it too). Check out what needs done for dinner.

5:48-help Ethan with any homework that needs done if daddy is tired or fed up. 

6:00- eat dinner.

6:30-sit down with the laptop to relax. browse instagram and stop myself from the temptation of purchasing 86 things.

6:40-check out my blog. respond to comments, e-mails, tweets, etc...stuff that I don't have time to do on my lunch. 

6:50-write a post for tomorrow, and maybe the next few days if I have ideas and feel up to it. It depends on my mood and the day how much I write.

7:45- put on something that is on the DVR (usually my Bravo reality TV shows or my soap opera General Hospital)

8:07- start to get Ethan in the shower and laying out his clothes for the next day.

8:11- tell Ethan to get in the shower again

8:16-remember I threw laundry in the washer this morning

8:17-start doing something that makes me forget about the laundry

8:19-tell Ethan to get in the shower again...okay, by this time I am probably yelling for him to get in the shower 

8:21-what was I doing? who knows-now I'm probably scrolling through Facebook or Twitter

8:22-finally hear Ethan get in the shower

8:23-look through my planner. Update any blog activities for the week. Check out Ethan's activities and school information....check to see when he has tests, quizzes, projects and copy them in to my planner.

8:28-usually head up to our bedroom to try and plan an outfit for the next day...even though I will change it.

8:31- tell Ethan to finish up in the shower.

8:32- pack lunches for the next day. Make sure Ethan's bag is packed also.

8:33- ask Ethan to get out of the shower.

8:34-take a glance around the house and see what else I can obsess over or clean.

8:35- ask Ethan again to get out of the shower. ((is there a reason it takes him so long to get in, but when he finally does he doesn't want to get out?))

8:37- make sure Ethan is out of the shower, getting dressed and calling his mom to say goodnight.

8:41-Ethan comes downstairs and reads some of his book. Sometimes he likes to read to us and sometimes just sit with us while he reads. I am making more of an effort to read my own book while he is doing the same since I have got off track with reading lately.

8:58-send Ethan upstairs to brush his teeth and get in bed.

9:02- head up to Ethan's room with Chuck to put him to bed.

9:05-watch some more TV while working on other stuff. Other "stuff" as of lately has mostly been wedding planning. Researching pinterest, updating my plans, searching for the best deals, finding more things I don't need and seeing how I can incorporate ideas, scratching old plans...etc...etc...

9:45-start thinking about bed

9:48-remember I put laundry in earlier today

9:52-head starts bobbing and eyes begin closing while laying on the couch

9:56-Chuck tells me to go to bed

9:58- Chuck tells me to go to bed so he doesn't have to have me yell at him later when he attemps to wake me up

10:00- I get up to go to bed

10:01-walking upstairs and say "SHIT! There's laundry in the washer." Chuck always responds, "I'll get it."

10:03- wash face and brush teeth. apply eye cream or zit cream depending on the time of the month.

10:05-lay in bed wide awake even though I was falling asleep on the couch less than 10 minutes ago.

10:07-play on my ipad usually reading blogs or my book

10:10- eyes start closing again

10:12- set 4 alarms for the next day and make sure they are all turned on

10:15-turn on TV and see what reality goodness I can find

10:18-check my alarms again (have to be sure)

10:30-start to doze for sure. put phone on nightstand and ipad on floor.

10:35- passed OUT!

So now you know what a typical day looks like in my life most of the time. Fridays are usually different based on weekend plans and I'm hoping to get my weekdays looking better too. I want to fit at least a 45 minute workout in and need to spend less time in front of the TV. Baby steps...

My favorite part of the day I would say is coming home to my guys. They make the crazy work day worth it all when I see their smiles.

What's the favorite part of your day?

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  1. now this is detailed!! haha! I love it! panera is so delicious- definitely a treat for me every two weeks!

    1. HA! I like detail ;) If anyone finds the need to stalk me they now have a really good chance of finding me...oops! YUM PANERA!

  2. Hahhaa I drop my phone on my face ALL THE TIME