August 11, 2014

Selfie Outtakes & IWYP // Marvelous In My Monday

Monday already?! I swear now that it's August the weekends are going by faster than ever. 

It's time for #MIMM Marvelous In My Monday link up with Katie from Healthy Diva Life!

Marvelous In My Monday is brought to you today courtesy of Whitney. Whitney is the hilarious, sweet, and always entertaining chic behind I Wore Yoga Pants. If her blog name alone isn't enough to love her and sing her sweet praises, her monthly line-up of super comfy tees sure is.

I seriously admire these bloggers who work, blog with amazing content, and do other sweet things like this. A t-shirt line?! I cool. 

Some of her tees are blogger related, and some are not. Each comes with a koozie, because you can never have enough. Whitney has also started doing tanks in some of her most recent launches.

These tagless shirts are SO comfy. Each month they happen to come out at a time when I am telling myself I have shopped enough online, and magically one still comes to my mailbox time after time. And no, although Whitney is pretty cool, she's not sending them to me for free. They are THAT cute that I NEED one each month.

Now comes the time where I show you the ridiculous pictures I try to take of myself. 

Hi uniboob and large forehead. Glad you could come out to play.

How in the HELL do fashion bloggers take such good selfies?

Who knew you could make a koozie look bad? Spray tan I'm coming for ya!

 Since those pictures look like they were taken by a 5 year old. Here's a few more:

 Much better. You pretty thing.

 Since I can't be troubled to take a decent selfie.

I want MY name on a shirt!! (ps-tagless is the way to go)

Thanks Whitney for giving me a reason to take such crazy pictures. For real though, these shirts are whitty (see what I did there) and super soft. I never regret my purchase I shouldn't be making every month.

Check out the latest creation over at Whitney's blog: I Wore Yoga Pants. I promise next month I'll have someone else take pictures for a real representation!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Tuesday Pretties that I am co-hosting with Niki from Glossy Blonde.

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  1. Well hot damn, I am beyond flattered by this kind and AMAZING review of my shirts. Thank you soooo much. Remind me to send payment later. ;) No, but seriously, thank you. Your support is much appreciated!

  2. I love my shirt too! Whitney does such a great job.