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August 6, 2014

Sass, PJ's & Wine// Blogmopolitan Quiz Round 2

What's up Wednesday?! Happy to see you even if you aren't who I'm looking for. Her name is Friday. She will be here soon, but not soon enough.

I'm losing my mind but not my sassiness. This you will see in the lastest edition of the Blogmopolitan Quiz created by Erin at Two Thirds Hazel. She started these before I was a blogger so I am catching up and LOVE them. Hope you do too.

Without wasting anymore of your hump day time....

Tell me the answer to one of this round's quiz questions. I'd love to learn more about my readers. :)

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. I usually wear ______________ to bed:

    C) Pajamas (& they're always matching tops and bottoms...I LOVE pajama sets (: )

    Happy hump day!

  2. I'm terrified of drowning! And I would also love a glass of wine. :)

    1. Glad someone else is with me on the water thing. I bet you can't wait for that ;)