August 8, 2014

Moving Along

Sometimes in life you need to just move along. 

When you need to cut negative things and people out of your life. Move along.
There is no explanation needed or excuses given. Live YOUR life.

When you need to get to a place that is good for you, and you alone. Move along.
You don't need to tell anyone how you choose to live. You only get one life.

There will come a point and time in your life when you stop dealing with negativity and start making the right decisions. This may come in the way of changing your lifestyle, or cutting ties with people, or even starting a new career.
I am a person who handles things quickly and abruptly. This may not be the best way for everyone, but it works for me.

I have dealt with and experienced far too many things in my life that I couldn't change to let the things I can change remain in a bad place. 

Move along. 
After all, YOLO!!!!

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