August 27, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Today I'm participating in a link-up I often read, but have never joined...Humpday Confessions with Kat from Vodka and Soda. I don't think I need an intro for this, it is just easier to spill it all.

Vodka and Soda we go. Another list.

1. I am feeling quite exhausted lately. Like, I took about FIVE naps this past weekend. FIVE. Not one each day, but about FIVE in TWO days. Basically you could say, I was awake a few hours this weekend. 

2. With that being said, I am trying to find a healthy balance between everything in my life. Work, home, wedding planning, blog writing, excercising, etc...etc...I feel quite overwhelmed lately.

3. I am craving a happy hour. In Pittsburgh. I live in Erie, but I want to be in Pittsburgh after work at 5 pm to hit up some fun places that just aren't in Erie.

4. I thought I was ahead in the wedding planning game, but lately I feel like we have SO much to do. Big things...such as find a photographer and a DJ. By the way, what the hell is a reasonable price for a DJ? I have NO clue.

5. I have been trying extra, really, big time hard to be on a strict budget. I have been doing pretty well, but could be better. It's hard being a woman...temptation everywhere. The fact that I am running out of all my beauty products at the same time sure isn't helping.

6. Ooops..did I say budget?! Anyways...I am really wanting a new pair of shoes. I am over all of mine. I am going to splurge on a pair of YosiSamra flats this fall, but I'm not sure which pair yet. I have heard great things from some fashion bloggers who wear them frequently, so I figured it would be a wise buy.

7. I feel like I am in a great place emotionally. I look back to a year ago and have seen myself grow over time which is always good. I may not have lost the weight I wanted to or done other things that are on my list... but  if I have made great strides as a human that is all I need. 

Phew. That felt good. I think this may happen on a weekly basis because it sure feels good to write these things down.

What's one thing you can confess to this HUMPDAY?!?! 
Happy Wednesday Ya''ll :)

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  1. I totally get the budget thing...I keep putting myself on a spending freeze, but then I find a pair of shoes that I need! Haha. :)

  2. I'm always wanting another pair of shoes, so I don't blame you. Wedding planning must be fun. I'm always down to read a confessional post, so I was happy to find this post today!

    1. Shoes are my biggest weakness! Wedding planning is a blast, just nervous about getting these big things booked! I felt so good after writing this...there will be more in my future :)

  3. If you happy hour in Pittsburgh let me know!

  4. the balance can be tough but perspective is everything. the way i see it, i carve out the 1hr a day for me during my workouts - that is ME time. as for work, i give it my all during work hours but when it's home time, it's HOME TIME. that means work can go F itself until the next day :)

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

    1. That is a good way to look at it. I personally hate excercising, and most of that comes from gaining weight and being out of shape. Little steps will end up making a huge difference, and I am determined to get back there. Thanks for the positive outlook :) I loved the confessional post...felt so good, I'll be back! :)

  5. Oh man. I bet you needed those naps, though. Your body was probably all like "If you don't sleep right now we're going to be sick all week. Is that what you want?"

    1. Yes...thankfully that didn't happen this weekend. I must have got my fill in then ;) haha