July 7, 2014

What If

Some thoughts as of lately. That's all.

What If:

-instead of calling companies and sitting on hold for 90 minutes you didn't have to listen to their advertisements and outdated hold music?
-you heard someone telling jokes or really useful facts about something other than their broken product

-you could see a really beautiful necklace on Instagram for sale from a really cute boutique and resist buying it?

-you got paid for your worth? There was no such thing as salary caps.

-you could live in your dream location without worrying about all the extra stuff of finding a new job, house, kids, etc... I think I would pick a Carolina. Not sure which one, but the option of having the beach that close by is really appealing.

-healthy food was less expensive than the $1 menu at Wendy's?
-OR Wendy's served asparagus in the drive-thru?

-french fries were a food group?

-you could do something as small as passing a SMILE along to someone who needs it? 

Go ahead and try it. Give a smile or even a compliment to someone. You never know who could need a little sparkle in their day!

Make today great.

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  1. I've been irked lately about not being paid what I'm worth. That would be wonderful! And also, to resist buying a cute necklace. Haha so true.

    1. Maybe some day Niki ;) We can dream....I swear IG sales are the worst for me! Have a good day!