July 28, 2014

New Adventures: Marvelous In My Monday

Happy Monday! It's here again and I am SO excited for this week. No, I didn't spike my coffee or double fist energy drinks this morning. You know what time it is....Marvelous In My Monday link up with my girl Katie

Why oh why am I so excited today!?! 


I am starting my new career today and could not be happier for this new adventure. I need blogger emoji's...insert party popper, an amen, and salsa dancer here.


I will be working in the event planning and customer relations area at a local posh salon and about the perfect place for me! It is such a beautiful location and I have been a client there for about four years so I am already familiar with some features and the business.

I am so excited to be working in such a fun and wonderful environment and look forward to what the future brings in this new career path.

I sometimes worry that employers may view my resume and think...hmmm, she seems to switch jobs every few years.
I think that everything happens for a reason. Call it cliche, but I do. At the end of the day, it comes down to happiness. I refuse to stay in a job that is bringing me no future opportunities or one that I am not happy doing. Life is way too short. 

This new career brings me a really fast-paced environment which I love and a place where I can really let my true self shine.
You can't forget the employee deals too. Discounts on my hair, nails, massages and more?! HELLO incredible job...I've been waiting for you!!

What a way to start the week....all smiles over here. Now excuse me while I go dance and continue the party!!

What do you have going on today or this week that is marvelous?

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