July 1, 2014

Look No Further: Target Dollar Bin for the Win

I know I'm not alone when I say "Target Dollar Bins Rock My Socks!" Personally, Target is bad news for me. I walk out of there spending $200 like nothing just happened...when in fact it did, it happened to my bank account.
Now there is an awesome app Cartwheel that helps you save some money. You can also sign up for a Target Red Card; debit will come out of your associated personal bank account and credit is just what it says it is. The card saves you 5% and that can combine with the Cartwheel app.
Listen to me, I sound like I'm getting paid to say this. (I'm definitely not). These two things put together stack up some savings, but let's get real...we are still victim of spending way too much money in heaven Target.

I have a solution. Go no further than the Dollar Bins. 
I said it and I've tried it. It can work for you too.
You will come out on top.

Deals at Target

Here is my new plan.
-First, a Starbucks drink is definitely needed. My summer favorite is the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher (PRO TIP: sub lemonade for water).
-Next, I wander the Dollar Bins for approximately 10 minutes or less.
-Last, I spend less than $30 and walk out of there like a boss. I own you Target! You don't own me!

Here is what I've found: (not all are pictured in this post)
Holiday themed napkins for the bar-cart $1
Serving bowls for summer eating on the deck $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stickers $1
Lint rollers $3
Avengers Dry Erase Board $3
Hello Kitty jump rope $1
American Flags (mini's) $1
Bugles $1
Small Mail Organizer $3
AVery Hungry Caterpillar (eating a cupcake) tote bag $1
Total (with drink): $22
I told you it was possible!

Target Starbucks

I believe that all of the above mentioned are highly useful in every day life.
You never know when you will need to tote an American Flag in your Very Hungry Caterpillar tote to go Hello Kitty jump rope. You may have some lint on your shirt that you need to clean before applying a TMNT sticker. Make sure you leave a note as to when you will be back on  your Avengers dry erase board and share your Bugles with your friends in your serving bowl. When you get home organize your mail and put it away and sit down to have a drink...don't leave a ring though, use a napkin.

If you are a ten year old boy, you will at least need the Avengers dry erase board. Especially for communicating your feelings. It is a necessity.
I take it I fit in to the Extreme Soccer Player category...I mean, I did play for 15 years. Dad did not, but at least he is welcome too!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!

Tell me in the comments...What store is your weakness? Any good Dollar Bin finds lately?

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  1. Ha ha ha I love this post! Target is my version of crack, I don't think I could just stop at the $1 bins however I have shopped there many a time.

    And who doesn't need TMNT stickers? I mean come on!

    1. Thanks girl! I can't say I'm a PRO at this...only experimented two times, but I think it can be done! Target is BAD NEWS for me too!
      COWABUNGA! ;)

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  3. Target has my heart!!