July 16, 2014

Camera Happy

Let the birthday week fun continue! I've been having a great few weeks and wanted to share some pictures from my Camera Roll on my iPhone that have made me smile lately. 

Who doesn't want smiles for their birthday? :) Come along with me and check it out...

Gorgeous Kate Spade earrings I WON in a Younique sales contest! WOO HOO!
PRIMANTI BROTHERS is coming to Erie. I can't contain my excitement :) A little bit of Pittsburgh coming here!
Starbucks TRENTA!?! Why am I just learning about the biggest, greatest size ever?!

Looking at wedding venues!!! Photo taken at Peek'N'Peak Resort in Clymer, NY

Starbucks Coffee
TWO Starbucks Rewards?!? I LOVE Birthday goodies!!

Ethan is all about writing lists. Apparently these are the MUST-HAVES for the pool. Can't forget your Mophie in case your cell phone dies. And DON'T forget the 2 Sunny D's!!
Last but not least...I love coming across great inspirational posts. I always save them to my phone and read them from time to time. I wasn't always this person...and I'm not quite there 100% of the time. I am trying and hope to be the most positive and happy person I can be. 

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday...we are half-way to the WEEKEND! What's made you smile lately?

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  1. That potential wedding venue looks beautiful! And the Kate Spade earrings!! So lucky!

    1. Thanks Niki--it came out a winner ;) More on that next week! I am obsessed with the earrings...I've been on a lucky streak lately :) Thanks for reading!