July 17, 2014

Birthday Favorites : #FavTotalSocial

It's already July and time for the monthly Total Social Linkup with Helene and Sarah! This month's topic is Favorites & I am SUPER excited for today's post so let's not waste any time.
Helene in Between

Before you yell at me for breaking rules...tell me if you can really pick ONE favorite birthday? I can't be prepared.

In honor of my BIRTHDAY WEEK (are you sick of this yet?) I am going to talk about a few (or more) of my FAVORITE birthdays and more importantly share some pictures I love.

My brother and I are 3 years and 363 days apart. Cool, right? !?! Wrong. I shared most of my childhood birthday parties with him right there..tagging along... and usually some of his friends. You know what else isn't cool about a summer birthday? Not celebrating in school with delicious cupcakes or getting sang to by the whole class.

BUT there are things that make summer birthdays awesome like SUNSHINE, no school, and lots of other things. Follow along to see...

Hair so short you have a Pebbles pony-tail...that's awesome. Getting a boom-box...awesome (apparently my brother in the background thought so too). 
Trips to Idlewild...awesome. 
Your brother loving you so much that he's rolling his eyes in the back of his head...awesome.

Let's move on.

2009 was the year Chuck and I were officially official for my birthday. He surprised me with a dinner out at Hibachi with friends and family there ready to party. He also gave me that enormous princess bag with a beautiful Coach purse inside. I should have known then that this dude was pretty smitten for me. I don't blame him. ;)


Four years ago we ventured to Chicago to celebrate my birthday and visit our great friends who lived there at the time. It was extremely HOT the entire trip and I sadly don't have a ton of pictures with me in them. I was probably too sweaty and yelled at someone anytime a camera came near my face.


I absolutely loved Chicago and being able to spend my birthday there was so amazing. We went to a Cubs game (DUH) and they WON! The baseball game may have been my favorite part. I remember my great grandmother loving Harry Caray and singing along with him while watching the games on TV. It was very cool to be at Wrigley for a win!

Chicago was a great time and I can't wait to go back some day...I think I would pick Fall next time around. Maybe I can surprise Chuck with a trip for HIS birthday...I think I owe him at this point. 

Fast forward a few years to 2012. Chuck sent me flowers to work (always a good move) but didn't sign the card. I may have posted on Facebook "Thank you to whoever sent me these beautiful flowers. You made my day"...Chuck was probably really happy with that. Turns out it was him (again DUH). 

He surprised me with a trip to Morton's Steakhouse in Cleveland where they apparently take your picture and give you a cute little frame to remember if I would forget a $90 plate of bacon wrapped scallops. BEST. MEAL. EVER.

We then went to see Stevie Nicks...AMAZING! I cried happy tears about half of the show. I adore Stevie and the whole Fleetwood Mac crew. Chuck really knows how to get down on the birthday surprises. 

Another awesome thing...birthday cake martini's. Complete with sprinkles on the rim and at the bottom of the drink. Those babies were enjoyed last year at Oliver Twist in Pittsburgh on my birthday.

Like I man is good at this. Last year he got us THIRD ROW tickets to the America's Most Wanted Tour. I'm a fan of some gangsta a BIG fan. I love a lot of different music and would like to think I'm pretty open to anything. Put on some Lil Wayne and you will have me forever.

We traveled to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to Blossom Music Center for the show and it was the best concert I have ever been to. Being so close to all the rappers was a ghetto girl's dream come true. The way the stage was set up allowed us to get amazing pictures. As you can see above 2 Chainz even clapped for me. 

We saw T.I. the Rubberband Man, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and the Birdman even made an appearance. I sang and danced the entire time like I was Nikki Minaj. Shake what yo mama gave ya. YOLO!

T.I. even photobombed our selfie. was I supposed to pick a favorite?! SO many fun times and amazing memories. This year I don't have any big birthday plans except for refusing the fact that I am getting older. 

I feel like I am just finding my true self & being the best person I can be and that is the greatest present I could receive. 

I'm right where I need to be.

Happy Thursday everyone! Tell me...Do you have a favorite birthday?

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  1. sounds like you have had some amazing birthdays ;) my brother and i are 11 months and 20 days apart (or 354 days) so I feel you on the sharing your birthday thing!

    1. Thanks :) I am a lucky girl! Oh wow- you're close least we are no longer having joint birthday parties HAHA

  2. That's great that you have so many fun birthday memories! Mine usually gets lost amid our semi-annual family reunion but the last 2 years have been fantastic - all kinds of sister travel. Hope this year's birthday takes the cake! (pun intended)

  3. Those are some great birthdays and I love that you celebrate the whole week! Happy Birthday week!

    1. Thanks so much :) I am pretty lucky to have so many great ones!

  4. Happy birthday to you!! I actually was born and raised about 90 miles southwest of Chicago. Such a beautiful city with so much to do! Glad to hear your a Cubs fan and not a Sox fan! Ha!

  5. Girl you are one lucky duck and clearly very loved! Bdays are the best, I once dated a guy that didn't even acknowledge his birthday. I never understood how people didn't make a huge deal out of them!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I am SO lucky to have some awesome people in my life :) You know mom didn't like her birthday. She never had a bad birthday experience but never liked having a big "to do" always made me sad. I don't get it. Thanks for hosting...I love these link-ups!

  6. great post! nice pics

  7. Man, you have had some good birthdays! I don't think I could remember mine in this much detail!

  8. Dang, you have had some fantastic birthdays! Concert tickets are always a good way to go for birthdays in my book!

    1. I sure have Elizabeth...I feel very lucky! I say the me some concerts!