July 10, 2014

Baby Update: 10 Years Later

Everyone around me is having babies or is pregnant. That's cool...but NOT UP IN HERE! (about the only movie quote I remember other than those from Clueless and Home Alone) While everyone is posting baby nursery updates and the size of fruit their baby is currently at...I'm over here...doing other things.

I have a little dude that I love with all my heart, but he's not mine. He's 10 years old and his name is Ethan. He's my fiancee's son and he lives with us here in Erie. Ethan is a pretty cool little guy. He is crazy smart, incredibly funny, and has a heart of gold.

There's things about having a ten year old in your house that make you go hmmm sometimes. 
Baby Update: 10 Years Later (the things you need to know for the future)

1. SIZE: Ethan is now 92 pounds and the size of a human. (no fruits are big enough to reference at this point) Ethan is also sick of pictures. His latest quote is "Selfies pretty much stink."

2. TALKING: Oh, Ethan talks alright. Sometimes we learn things we wish we didn't have to. Yesterday after Ethan took his shower he came in to mine & his daddy's room and casually said "Dad, guess what? I'm growing some hair on my balls now."

 So there's that to look forward to parents.

3. CLOTHES: Ethan is now wearing a size 12-14 in shirts and 14 in pants. The 14 pants are usually too big in the waist but perfect in the length. You know what that means? Belts. 

When you get to the stage where the waist can't keep up with the legs you will turn BROKE. Shopping is no longer as much fun at this stage...YAY!

4. BOOKS: Ethan likes anything he is able to read himself. He likes the occasional short story to be read by Daddy in bed, but he is now able to read Chapter books on his own. 

He tries to read only everything Pokemon, but we don't let that slide. A well-balanced book rotation works best in this house or else we may rip our hair out. 

5. SLEEP: Ethan sleeps well about 9 hours every night. You know who doesn't sleep? :) You thought you would gain sleep as your child ages...NOPE. 
One night he or she may come downstairs at 11 pm to announce that they have pulled their loose tooth. No big deal you say?
What happens when you have no cash other than a ten dollar bill laying around? You give said $10 to child who doesn't need $10 because that's the only option.

You will then find out on Social Media the next day that there's plenty of other candy or an I.O.U. that could have been used. Awesome!

6. TOYS: Ethan loves his toys. His favorite one? Cell phone. Before you get all crazy about a ten year old with a cell phone please realize that his daddy is in the industry and we get a nice discount on these types of things. 

The downfall? When Ethan doesn't answer his cell phone when we are trying to get ahold of him. The exact reason we bought it. 

The perk? Snapchat. Ethan doesn't use it often, but when he does...amazing things happen. 

7. ACTIVITIES: Ethan is always busy. He loves to stay active and play with his friends. He participates in his school bowling league in the spring and fall and plays soccer in the summer. 

He went to a one day wrestling clinic to see if that was up his alley and came back with a sweet move.Ethan said he would stick with what he likes...I think that's a good idea. Same goes with football.


Ethan likes:
China food (aka Chinese)
When he's occasionally allowed to have a pop 
Lego's and building things in Minecraft
Not coming home from playing outside on time
Anything Jordan & Nike

Ethan dislikes:
Vegetables (thank goodness for supplements & vitamins)
Being told "no" and to go to bed before 1 am in the summer
Wearing cute clothes picked out by 'Melia (that's me)

9. WORDS: Ethan is well past saying da-da and ma-ma. 
He says new phrases all the time and his latest is "Catch ya on the flip side!"
He also likes to say "Girl whatcha gonna do with that big fat butt?! Wiggle Wiggle!" ...THANKS Jason Derulo!

One thing is for sure. I wouldn't trade my little dude for anything. Not every day is easy, but it is always an adventure. I love you Ethan...every bit of crazy, fun, ornery, and loving that comes along with you!

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  1. Omg, dying over here (I need the crying smiley face emoji right now)! Ethan will completely die of embarrassment some day once he finds out you posted about his new hair growth! Super cute post, I enjoyed it very much!

    1. He would probably kill me if he knew this was on the internet. HAHHAHA! Glad you enjoyed it...he's a wild one! :)

  2. Haha baby update 10 years later! Ethan seems like an awesome guy!

    1. hehe...:) Ethan is pretty cool...he's a handful, but a huge blessing! :)