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July 18, 2014

5 Wishes: Birthday Week Fun

Well if you didn't already know...MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEKEND! I am somewhat of birthday enthusiast.  I love celebrating. I love balloons, parties, and having a ridiculous time. This applies to just about anyone...I will party like it's MY birthday for YOUR birthday. Celebrate good times!

 Right now, it's time for the top 5 birthday gifts on my Wish List this year for the "oh hey FRIDAY!" Linkup with The Farmer's Wife & September F A R M.

1. Fleetwood Mac Concert Tickets
- I didn't buy them the minute they went on sale and now I regret it. They sold out in Pittsburgh super quick and I'm hoping I score some. THE WHOLE CREW is reunited and I NEED to see them.

2. The Kelsey Necklace from Mindy Mae's Market
- I have been OUT OF CONTROL with the online jewelry shopping lately. Luckily they have all been great deals that I can't pass up (that's not an excuse-haha), but I asked for this beauty on my list.

3. LUSH Goodies
- I bought a new face mask from Lush in Easton when visiting friends out of town during the Fourth of July weekend and I am loving it. Only $5 too! We don't have a LUSH store close by so I asked for a slew of goodies. One I really hope to get is the Ocean Salt Cleanser. The reviews sound great and I would love to try it.

4. Britney Spears Lyric Tabloid Leggings
- I don't think I really need to explain. These are amazing and I need them on my legs. Like yesterday.


5. Donut Pool Float
-Again...I don't think this needs explained. If you're going to float around a pool, what better way to do it than on a donut?


Word is that they are sold out. It's okay though...don't worry. I have a back-up plan. 


I like pretzels too. Especially when warm and salted and with a side of ranch!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. 
I know I will...it's officially BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! WOOOO HOOOO!

I would like to wish my brother John a very Happy 27th Birthday :) 
(feel free to join me & give him a shout out in the comments)

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  1. Happy birthday weekend!!! Yay! I love Lush and that donut float is too freaking cute! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and get everything on your list!

    1. Thanks SO much Niki! It was awesome. Lush is my JAM and that float is just too cool. Hope your weekend was equally as wonderful!

  2. OMG! I need those Britney leggings too!! <3 I hope you have the best birthday yet! Can't wait to give you your present tomorrow!

    Happy birthday John!!

    1. Matching leggings for Vegas Bachelorette--DEAL! Thank you so much for my amazing gift. You are so sweet my friend!

  3. Woo Hoo! Happy early birthday! I hope you get everything you want!


  4. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE Lush products... and I NEED those Britney leggings, OMG!!!

    1. Thanks so much:)
      I love Lush too...they are great! BRIT leggings are a MUST girl!