July 29, 2014

Younique 3D FiberLash Mascara // Tuesday Pretties

Hi all you fabulous people. I hope everyone had a great Monday and start to the week. It was rainy here and I didn't get any time to take some fashion posts like I wanted. ((Thumbs DOWN!))

Anytime I say that I think of the game in grade school we played before recess. Heads down, thumbs up. I will admit I cheated alot and peeked out the side under my armpit when my head was down. I would look at the shoes the person was wearing then guess the correct culprit of who put my thumb down. I wasn't the perfect little Catholic school girl....obviously--HA! I am linking up with Niki from Glossy Blonde who is an absolute doll. Niki always has beauty posts full of awesome product information for us ladies. She is also a very sweet person in my encounters with her so far in blog world, so that's great too!

Let's get to it Tuesday. Time for some pretties!

Glossy Blonde

Today I want to share more about the best mascara ever. I have mentioned it a few times on the blog and if you're my friend reading this you probably see me sharing it once in a while, all the time. 

Well, here's a little background for you. I am a mascara snob. No lie, no exaggeration. I have always loved mascara. I used to sit in the bathroom on the tub when I was a little girl and watch my mom curl her eyelashes and apply mascara. I was amazed at how it made your eyes look. 

My mom let me try mascara for the first time in 8th grade and I have been hooked ever since. I will spend $40 on designer mascara from Sephora, Ulta or whoever wants to sell me some. I have tried everything from Benefit to Dior. I have asked for the Mascara Gift Sets from Sephora for Christmas that have 8 different types. I needed them all. I wanted to try them all.

Then...of course, I saw a post on Instagram.

An instagram friend (because that's what she is--we all have them these days, right?!) posted a before and after with this amazing mascara.

 I couldn't believe my eyes. (pun sort of intended) 
This was the greatest mascara results I have ever laid my eyes on. ( oops, I did it again & I love Britney Spears)

The Moonstruck 3D FiberLash Mascara from Younique is the Basically it works by following these simple steps:
1. Apply a coat of your regular mascara (you don't have to do this, depends on preference)
2. Apply a few coats of the transplanting gel (looks like normal mascara) and coat your lashes well
3. Apply the natural fibers that will adhere to the gel
4. Seal with a final coat of the gel (to hold the fibers in so they don't flake)
5. Repeat for more dramatic lashes if desired (yes please!)

It can sound like a lot of work, but after day two you will be a professional. The fibers increase the volume of your lashes and they appear thicker. I often get asked if I am wearing falsies. 

The mascara is $29 for an 8-12 week supply. I personally use this stuff about every day. If you only use it for special occasions ( a few days a week) or weekend dates and fun nights out it can last you up to 6 months!

Is it safe for contact users? Yes!
Is it hypo-allergenic? Yes!
Does it wash off easily with soap and water or face wash? Yes!
Is it water resistant? Yes!
Does it hold up in the pool, and through a sweaty work-out? Yes!

Yes, Yes, Yes...this stuff is amazing! I am not a direct sales girl. I only stand behind products I love and would only recommend something I truly believe in. In addition to my word, Younique offers a Love It Guarantee.

How nice is that for service and satisfaction?!

Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or contact me for more pictures, demos or information. 

Want to order? can do that here.
Want to know more about Younique? Read up here.

Hope you all have a pretty ((awesome)) Tuesday!

What's your favorite mascara?

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July 28, 2014

New Adventures: Marvelous In My Monday

Happy Monday! It's here again and I am SO excited for this week. No, I didn't spike my coffee or double fist energy drinks this morning. You know what time it is....Marvelous In My Monday link up with my girl Katie

Why oh why am I so excited today!?! 


I am starting my new career today and could not be happier for this new adventure. I need blogger emoji's...insert party popper, an amen, and salsa dancer here.


I will be working in the event planning and customer relations area at a local posh salon and about the perfect place for me! It is such a beautiful location and I have been a client there for about four years so I am already familiar with some features and the business.

I am so excited to be working in such a fun and wonderful environment and look forward to what the future brings in this new career path.

I sometimes worry that employers may view my resume and think...hmmm, she seems to switch jobs every few years.
I think that everything happens for a reason. Call it cliche, but I do. At the end of the day, it comes down to happiness. I refuse to stay in a job that is bringing me no future opportunities or one that I am not happy doing. Life is way too short. 

This new career brings me a really fast-paced environment which I love and a place where I can really let my true self shine.
You can't forget the employee deals too. Discounts on my hair, nails, massages and more?! HELLO incredible job...I've been waiting for you!!

What a way to start the week....all smiles over here. Now excuse me while I go dance and continue the party!!

What do you have going on today or this week that is marvelous?

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July 25, 2014

Summer Isn't Over// Sunny Day Essentials

Oh Hey! It's Friday! Oh happy's time for a link-up!

I REFUSE to believe the people saying summer is over. It's not. The sun is still shining. School is NOT in session. Even though it may feel like fall in these parts at least once a week's STILL summer.

Since I haven't listed my essentials for a sunny summer is the time, because there is STILL time.

This is about the fifth time I've mentioned this necessity lately, but I can't help it. Who DOESN'T want to float around a pool in a donut? I do! ((Insert hand raised emoji girl and donut emoji here)). 

Completely. Freakin. Necessary.

I have a few black maxi's and am wearing the heck out of them. There is SO many ways to wear a simple black dress and feel great. Sometimes I rock mine with a fedora, sometimes with a big & bright statement necklace, and sometimes with some casual flip-flops. You can't lose.

Black Maxi with a bold statement necklace and side of crazy fiance

Whether it's on your fingers or your's a MUST HAVE. I like to mix and match on  the nails, blue on the toes. Keep if fun and feisty! Apparently Groupon is having a deal for a few more days so if you are finding the Essie Neon's sold out in stores go ahead and scoop a set up there.

Follow me on IG// @dreambigemelia// love sharing fun looks

I am IN LOVE with my pink Kate Spade Aviator Sunglasses. I have my eye on a few pair of Ray-Ban's and even see some good cheaper ones. I am not one of those people that only buys cheap sunglasses because I break expensive ones. I hoard sunglasses of every color and shape. 

I definitely got my money worth for these babies.

These hot summer days can do a number on your face. I like to keep it simple with a few products during the super sunny days. 
Mascara and lip gloss from Younique are 'bout it 'bout it for all of this.

I am a presenter for Younique--please feel free to ask me any questions about the products and I'll give you my honest opinion about things I've used. I'll even tell you how to earn this stuff for free ;) 
Lip Glosses & Mascara from Younique --OBSESSED!

What is one of your Summer Essentials??
I hope everyone has a great SUMMER weekend!! Enjoy the sunshine!!

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July 24, 2014

Pickle Juice, Britney Spears and other Awesome Things// The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I'm a bit behind in these parts of the world...known as the blog. Other pieces of my universe have taken precedence which I'll explain later. All that you need to know for now is included below.

I have learned that Erin from Two Thirds Hazel created this awesomeness called The Blogmopolitan Quiz

My favorite part about Cosmo each month is reading the quiz. Even if I don't like the person (talkin' to you Taylor Swift) I still read their quiz. 

So...even if you don't like me (your loss-hehe!) you should probably check it out.

Anyone else ridiculously addicted to reality tv? What's your favorite show?

Until next time....

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July 22, 2014

Birthday Weekend: Erie Fun, Niagara Falls & Great Friends

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all have had a chance to enter the awesome giveaways announced yesterday. I can't wait to see who the lucky winners are!

I had an amazing birthday weekend and thank everyone for the love and wishes on here, twitter, instagram, etc... I want to share some pictures of the fun we had and tell you what we got into.


Friday night we didn't have plans but Chuck came home from work and asked me what I had in mind. I said I would like to get a hot dog and curly fries from Sara's at Presque Isle and ride some coasters at Waldameer. It's so nice to have such fun things nearby. Erie is by no means a huge city, but it's home and I love it.

Saturday we had plans to go to the beach and have a picnic. We wanted to play volleyball, relax and fly a kite. The rain ruined that part but Chuck suggested we go to Niagara Falls instead. We made the 2 hour trip across the border and had a lot of fun! It was cold and a little rainy there too, but we did a bunch of different things and had a great family fun day. 


Ethan was in LOVE with was pretty amusing. He kept saying "I want to live here. This place is so awesome." I haven't been to the Canadian side of the border for a really long time, but to me it felt like a much smaller version of Times Square. There were neon signs and shops everywhere and thousands of people. 

We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe which was SO cool. Again, I haven't been there in years either, but we had a blast. Ethan loved the atmosphere (he's a huge animal lover) and we had a great time. 

We checked out the beautiful Falls while visiting of course too and rode a HUGE ferris wheel with amazing views. Definitely a birthday to remember.

Yesterday was my official birthday. It was perfect. We slept in from our long day Saturday and enjoyed the day. We had plans to go to Hibachi and it was delicious as always. A few friends joined us and made it a perfect day.

Ethan picked me some gorgeous flowers and told me that he would "take all the pictures I want since it was my day." He knows the way to my heart! 

A few fun presents that I received from some pretty amazing friends. My friend and bridesmaid Elisa surprised me with one of the coolest gifts EVER! A "Cupcake Carousel" complete with delicious cupcakes inside. I am a CUPCAKE FREAK and love everything about them. I am still confused as to why there is no cupcake emoji (more on that to come in another post). Pretty awesome gift!

My friends Jessica and Joel who are also in our wedding got me some wedding themed gifts which was so fun. A beautiful purple necklace--wedding colors! They also got us a cute sign to use at the wedding which is adorable and so sweet. 

I am very lucky to have such gracious people in my life who do all these nice things for me. It was another great birthday full of sweet memories I will cherish forever.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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July 21, 2014

THREE Giveaways: Marvelous In My Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Isn't it funny how we rush the week away and dread Monday to come?! I wish days didn't have labels and each day was just enjoyed. I feel bad for Monday gets a bad wrap???

I had an amazing birthday weekend and feel so very lucky to have spent it in the most perfect way. More on the birthday details and fun tomorrow!

 Today I wanted to share a few marvelous things I have my eye on and announce not one...

not two...

but THREE giveaways you can enter here on the blog to win some AMAZING prizes.

Linking up with Katie from Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous In My Monday!

1. I am loving this Oslo necklace from Stella & Dot. The colors are perfect, pastel and oh so pretty! 

I am super excited to announce one of this month's giveaway which is hosted by Rebekah from Living Lavender : A $100 gift card to Stella & Dot! They have adorable jewelry and accessories in every style imaginable to match every personal taste. They even have great new personalization options! Be sure to enter for your chance to win below so you can spruce up your look this summer!
PicMonkey Collage2.png
PicMonkey Collage.png
a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. In the market for a new wallet? Head over to Nordstrom for the Kate Spade "Fancy That" Wallet .  I have a similar gold wallet from Kate Spade that I LOVE. I constantly get compliments on it. It is fancy, but not too flashy which is great.

Niki from Glossy Blonde is our host for an awesome $120 Nordstrom eGift! With Nordstrom's great Anniversary Sale going on this is a great prize. The giveaway is open for one week and you can enter below.

3.  Cold hard CASH.

Last but not least I've partnered up with Karli from September FARM to give one lucky winner just that...CASH.

A little bit from Karli and her (hilarious) announcement about this fab giveaway:

As the temps in my parts rise (think 104º) i can think of lots of things to spend $235 dollars on. 

one of those things may or may not be a personal pool boy to spritz me with mineral water for a few hours. i'm not above it. 

and if that wasn't in the cards, maybe i'd stay an extra day at this glorious cabin in the woods where we're at...currently. the temperature didn't reach above 85º today...and tomorrow the high is 79º. music to a pregnant gal's ears.

if neither of those things panned out...i'd buy milkshakes. a lot of them. like...58 1/2...if we're wanting to get specific, which i am.

and as a REAL shocker...and a little teaser, $235 would also buy you about eight giant, black dildos with a suction cup. 

there's a reason i tell you this teaser - several years ago, when my farmer and i were still dating, we were out to dinner with both our parents at a super nice restaurant in the big city. and wouldn't you know it? we found a giant, black dildo suctioned to the underside of our table. 

that's all i'm going to say of the story for now, but i wanted to get it on the blog because the story came up this weekend. i had completely forgotten about this epically embarrassing moment, but it's time to get it in the books.

and now, the giveaway goods. and no, it's not a black dildo.

get yourself entered for $235 cash plus some ad spaces from two of these gals!
sparkles + lattes | dream big + buy the shoes
{the farmer's wife} | baby ridley bump | saraphrasing life | flowers in my hair | top free mmorpg
eat drink + be mary | rhapsody + chaos | sugar, spice + everything life | lot 48 | treasure tromp
rad maverix | behind the camera + dreaming | KALIWOOD | September FARM | courtney stitches

If these 3 things aren't good enough reasons to LOVE a Monday...I don't know what else will change your mind. 

But for real, check out these fellow bloggers teaming up to offer these prizes and show some love. Enter to win, share the giveaway goodness and have a Marvelous Monday!

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July 18, 2014

5 Wishes: Birthday Week Fun

Well if you didn't already know...MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEKEND! I am somewhat of birthday enthusiast.  I love celebrating. I love balloons, parties, and having a ridiculous time. This applies to just about anyone...I will party like it's MY birthday for YOUR birthday. Celebrate good times!

 Right now, it's time for the top 5 birthday gifts on my Wish List this year for the "oh hey FRIDAY!" Linkup with The Farmer's Wife & September F A R M.

1. Fleetwood Mac Concert Tickets
- I didn't buy them the minute they went on sale and now I regret it. They sold out in Pittsburgh super quick and I'm hoping I score some. THE WHOLE CREW is reunited and I NEED to see them.

2. The Kelsey Necklace from Mindy Mae's Market
- I have been OUT OF CONTROL with the online jewelry shopping lately. Luckily they have all been great deals that I can't pass up (that's not an excuse-haha), but I asked for this beauty on my list.

3. LUSH Goodies
- I bought a new face mask from Lush in Easton when visiting friends out of town during the Fourth of July weekend and I am loving it. Only $5 too! We don't have a LUSH store close by so I asked for a slew of goodies. One I really hope to get is the Ocean Salt Cleanser. The reviews sound great and I would love to try it.

4. Britney Spears Lyric Tabloid Leggings
- I don't think I really need to explain. These are amazing and I need them on my legs. Like yesterday.


5. Donut Pool Float
-Again...I don't think this needs explained. If you're going to float around a pool, what better way to do it than on a donut?


Word is that they are sold out. It's okay though...don't worry. I have a back-up plan. 


I like pretzels too. Especially when warm and salted and with a side of ranch!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. 

I would like to wish my brother John a very Happy 27th Birthday :) 
(feel free to join me & give him a shout out in the comments)

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July 17, 2014

Birthday Favorites : #FavTotalSocial

It's already July and time for the monthly Total Social Linkup with Helene and Sarah! This month's topic is Favorites & I am SUPER excited for today's post so let's not waste any time.
Helene in Between

Before you yell at me for breaking rules...tell me if you can really pick ONE favorite birthday? I can't be prepared.

In honor of my BIRTHDAY WEEK (are you sick of this yet?) I am going to talk about a few (or more) of my FAVORITE birthdays and more importantly share some pictures I love.

My brother and I are 3 years and 363 days apart. Cool, right? !?! Wrong. I shared most of my childhood birthday parties with him right there..tagging along... and usually some of his friends. You know what else isn't cool about a summer birthday? Not celebrating in school with delicious cupcakes or getting sang to by the whole class.

BUT there are things that make summer birthdays awesome like SUNSHINE, no school, and lots of other things. Follow along to see...

Hair so short you have a Pebbles pony-tail...that's awesome. Getting a boom-box...awesome (apparently my brother in the background thought so too). 
Trips to Idlewild...awesome. 
Your brother loving you so much that he's rolling his eyes in the back of his head...awesome.

Let's move on.

2009 was the year Chuck and I were officially official for my birthday. He surprised me with a dinner out at Hibachi with friends and family there ready to party. He also gave me that enormous princess bag with a beautiful Coach purse inside. I should have known then that this dude was pretty smitten for me. I don't blame him. ;)


Four years ago we ventured to Chicago to celebrate my birthday and visit our great friends who lived there at the time. It was extremely HOT the entire trip and I sadly don't have a ton of pictures with me in them. I was probably too sweaty and yelled at someone anytime a camera came near my face.


I absolutely loved Chicago and being able to spend my birthday there was so amazing. We went to a Cubs game (DUH) and they WON! The baseball game may have been my favorite part. I remember my great grandmother loving Harry Caray and singing along with him while watching the games on TV. It was very cool to be at Wrigley for a win!

Chicago was a great time and I can't wait to go back some day...I think I would pick Fall next time around. Maybe I can surprise Chuck with a trip for HIS birthday...I think I owe him at this point. 

Fast forward a few years to 2012. Chuck sent me flowers to work (always a good move) but didn't sign the card. I may have posted on Facebook "Thank you to whoever sent me these beautiful flowers. You made my day"...Chuck was probably really happy with that. Turns out it was him (again DUH). 

He surprised me with a trip to Morton's Steakhouse in Cleveland where they apparently take your picture and give you a cute little frame to remember if I would forget a $90 plate of bacon wrapped scallops. BEST. MEAL. EVER.

We then went to see Stevie Nicks...AMAZING! I cried happy tears about half of the show. I adore Stevie and the whole Fleetwood Mac crew. Chuck really knows how to get down on the birthday surprises. 

Another awesome thing...birthday cake martini's. Complete with sprinkles on the rim and at the bottom of the drink. Those babies were enjoyed last year at Oliver Twist in Pittsburgh on my birthday.

Like I man is good at this. Last year he got us THIRD ROW tickets to the America's Most Wanted Tour. I'm a fan of some gangsta a BIG fan. I love a lot of different music and would like to think I'm pretty open to anything. Put on some Lil Wayne and you will have me forever.

We traveled to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to Blossom Music Center for the show and it was the best concert I have ever been to. Being so close to all the rappers was a ghetto girl's dream come true. The way the stage was set up allowed us to get amazing pictures. As you can see above 2 Chainz even clapped for me. 

We saw T.I. the Rubberband Man, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and the Birdman even made an appearance. I sang and danced the entire time like I was Nikki Minaj. Shake what yo mama gave ya. YOLO!

T.I. even photobombed our selfie. was I supposed to pick a favorite?! SO many fun times and amazing memories. This year I don't have any big birthday plans except for refusing the fact that I am getting older. 

I feel like I am just finding my true self & being the best person I can be and that is the greatest present I could receive. 

I'm right where I need to be.

Happy Thursday everyone! Tell me...Do you have a favorite birthday?

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July 16, 2014

Camera Happy

Let the birthday week fun continue! I've been having a great few weeks and wanted to share some pictures from my Camera Roll on my iPhone that have made me smile lately. 

Who doesn't want smiles for their birthday? :) Come along with me and check it out...

Gorgeous Kate Spade earrings I WON in a Younique sales contest! WOO HOO!
PRIMANTI BROTHERS is coming to Erie. I can't contain my excitement :) A little bit of Pittsburgh coming here!
Starbucks TRENTA!?! Why am I just learning about the biggest, greatest size ever?!

Looking at wedding venues!!! Photo taken at Peek'N'Peak Resort in Clymer, NY

Starbucks Coffee
TWO Starbucks Rewards?!? I LOVE Birthday goodies!!

Ethan is all about writing lists. Apparently these are the MUST-HAVES for the pool. Can't forget your Mophie in case your cell phone dies. And DON'T forget the 2 Sunny D's!!
Last but not least...I love coming across great inspirational posts. I always save them to my phone and read them from time to time. I wasn't always this person...and I'm not quite there 100% of the time. I am trying and hope to be the most positive and happy person I can be. 

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday...we are half-way to the WEEKEND! What's made you smile lately?

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