June 19, 2014

What's In A Name

Did you know that naming your blog can be almost as hard but probably harder than naming a child? I had been thinking about starting a blog for a really long time. The first blog I ever read was Healthy Diva Life. If you have never taken a moment to read, you are really missing out. Katie is inspiring, positive, real, and a lot of fun. I was sucked in by all of this and have been hooked on blogs ever since.

I have loved to write all my life. When I was younger I had five subject notebooks filled with stories about anything and everything, but mostly animals. I find this part very strange because growing up we had the oddball pets that didn't last very long. A hermit crab that I fried in my window because I wanted him to get a sun tan, a rabbit named Sarah (which was going to be my brother's name if he was a girl...he LOVED that), and some hamsters from time to time. I am allergic to cats and was..still am, scared of dogs...the typical animals. I won a few awards for my writing in elementary school which was pretty cool and I also won a spelling bee. I never made it to the big leagues on ESPN for the Scripps National Spelling Bee but I have always felt very comfortable writing.

I had some posts up my sleeve (do people even say that anymore)...actually in my notes on my phone months ago and finally took the plunge. Coming up with content seems to be the easy part (for now). Naming this space was the hardest thing I have done in the past six months. No lie. I talked with my best friends about it, probably bored my fiancee to death, and doodled pages full of contenders.

To say I'm obsessed with french fries is an understatement. I could eat them any time, anywhere. HOLD THE KETCHUP though! It just wasn't working for me in terms of a blog name though.

My personal motto has always been: Dream Big. I believe you are never too young or too old to's something that no one can take away from you. I wanted to incorporate Dreamin' Big in to my name.

One other thing I have learned throughout the years is YOLO  living in the moment. Life is way too short to not go after what you want or make it happen here and now. I have had one too many let downs online shopping where I contemplated buying something and then went back to find it sold out. Do it now...LIVE LIFE TODAY! 
Also, I am a shoe fanatic. This spot in my household may have been taken over by my fiancee who spends his Saturday mornings on a hunt to get the latest Nike's and has a collection taking over the house. (I'm not mad at all). So, the "Buy the Shoes" part of my blog name has a dual meaning , which is one of my favorite parts about it.

Here's a sample of the birth process aka naming labor:
Dream Big & Eat the French Fries
Dream Big Emelia
Bella Dreams Big
Dreaming In French Fries
Eat Now, Dream Later
Dream Big & Buy the Shoes

I think it suits this space perfectly... I'm glad I didn't go with Emelia in the title or else I would continue to be known as Amilia, Emily, Amelia Earhart, Amelia Bedelia or something else that just isn't my name. At least this name they can't mess up on my Starbucks cup!

If you want to learn a little more about me and what my mission in this creative space is all about-- check it out here.

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  1. "A hermit crab that I fried in my window because I wanted him to get a sun tan"-I honestly laughed out loud, hilarious! Also, is it weird if I comment on almost all of your posts?!?

    1. HA! I was an oddball kid! No, comments are good E! And they make my day. You rock! :)

  2. Your blog looks AMAZING! You should be proud! My first blog, the design was so sad, haha! So awesome! Yes, picking a blog name is difficult! I love yours and you!

    1. AWEEE thanks Katie! I'm glad you love the name! Thank you for always inspiring me! Love you!