June 26, 2014

Pinterest Project : DIY WorkOut Tank

I think everything in life must somehow relate back to Pinterest. Did you know guys use Pinterest too? Maybe they are a step ahead of the game. Imagine the "Honey Do List" already being done because he is scoping out his lady's "pins". 
Well if a new WorkOut Tank was on your list, I have officially saved your day. I have a bunch of shirts that I sometimes wear to sleep in, but a lot of times just don't because they are too big and just not very comfortable. On the other hand, I could always use a new tank to wear when workin on my fitness. 

Today I am your personal Pinterest girl for another quick & easy project. Notice that quick & easy is a theme around these parts.
Let's begin today's craft kids!

Old T-Shirt 
Pen or Sharpie
A WorkOut Tank you already like the size of

Pinterest Tank

Step 1: Turn both the tank and the t-shirt inside out. This will allow you to not mark up either in spots you care about if you are clumsy, like me. 

Step 2: Put the t-shirt inside of the tank so that you can create a pattern.

Step 3: Trace the neckline and arm areas of the tank on to the t-shirt.

Step 4: Remove the tank from the t-shirt.

Step 5: Cut the neck and arm area that you had traced to create a tank.

Step 6: Rock that new tank with homemade pride!

What should have been Step 1: Consult your man before cutting up an old t-shirt (even though he gave it to you because he doesn't wear it anymore). Sorry Chuck...Wrigley Field will still be represented on my new awesome WorkOut Tank!

Fitness Tank

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Have you tried any Pinterest DIY lately?

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