June 23, 2014

Marvelous In My Monday: Summer Kick-Off

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend kicking off summer...I know I enjoyed the sunshine and had some fun.
Today I am linking up with Katie from  Healthy Diva Life to share the "Marvelous In My Monday" with you about my Summer Kick-Off weekend.
Friday night we had our first Rita's of the year after playing a game of PIG at the basketball courts. There's something about italian ice (especially after basketball) that just screams SUMMER! I tried a new combination and mixed some strawberry italian ice with chocolate custard to make a Gelati. My experiment worked was like Valentine's Day in the summer. 
Saturday the sun was shining and everyone was posting fun pictures on Facebook & Instagram about the first day of summer. I love Social Media for times like's fun to see everyone enjoying Mother Nature instead of complaining about her. She can be a Debbie Downer sometimes! 
Ethan and I spontaneously went to Waldameer Park for some fun in the sun. We weren't planning on staying the whole day. We were going to ride a few coasters and play some games...I told Ethan only one or two games. 
We immediately went to the Comet and sat in the front seat which was a blast. I feel like a kid again screaming my head off on rides and coasters. Ethan rode with his hands in the air, sometimes fist pumping and screaming "OH YEA!" was awesome. After the first ride he ventured towards his first game. After he won an adorable stuffed puppy which he named Bugsy, Brownie, Boxer it was hard to say no to more than one more game. I mean--look at that face.
Who am I to stop his fun?!...he's just too adorable.

We rode a few other things, walked through the Pirate's Cove scared to death and shared some delicious french fries...obviously! It was a perfect day outside and the Park wasn't too crowded which was great.

Sunday was spent catching up around the house (sigh) but I did have some time outside also. I rearranged our deck and have now decided I want a large seated bench for where our chairs and table used to be. Add that to the Pinterest project list at  #428! 
Later  that evening I was craving a big salad so Chuck and I headed out for an impromptu date night. We wanted to be somewhere with outdoor seating to we went to Joe Roots Grill and enjoyed the weather for a nice seafood dinner (and some filet for Chuck). A band was playing right across the street at Schickalay's On The Bay so we got to listen in on some free music too. 
I went for a glass of Riesling and a Shrimp Ceasar Salad...SO good! If you ever come to Erie, it in the summer. Erie summers never ever disappoint and there is so much to do and see. 

I hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy every moment!

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