June 20, 2014

A Peek In My Purse

No, I'm not Lauren Conrad in the latest issue of US Weekly, but I am convinced that we as a society are curious. That's probably a nice way of putting it actually. When I see a beautiful handbag my mind immediately goes to "what kind of lip gloss is inside?" and "does the wallet match?". Today you will get to see what's inside my suitcase bag.

We will start with the bag itself. I know a lot of people are "so over Michael Kors". I for one, will probably never be over him and his beautiful creations, and will die with this bag. I had my eye on this gorgeous pink bag when it was featured in Cosmopolitan showcasing a new line from MK. I immediately took a picture of it and sent it to my boyfriend stating, "When I get this job and my first paycheck there, I am buying this bag for myself. FYI." At the time I was looking for a new job and had been interviewing, which all took place in October a few years ago. I ended up getting the job, but wasn't starting until January. (WooHoo!)  Fast forward to December and Christmas Eve...Chuck insisted I open one of my gifts. As I was opening it I noticed he was ready with the camera and I was pretty curious as to why. Next thing you know--the holy grail of my bag wish-list was sitting before me. I cried tears of joy. We all know Christmas isn't about the things, but I have a damn good man.
He insists the picture I sent was a hint, but actually it was just a warning to our non-existent date nights that were going to take place when I intended to buy that bag.

We will break down the goodies inside the bag and where you can get everything interested. I don't travel lightly (HA!). Most days I throw a bunch of the small bags inside my purse in to another Michael Kors tote that I keep in my car for any situation. The key to being a flawless woman is to always be prepared.

I have a few ipsy cosmetic bags that I stuff little extras in. I use the older Coach clutch to hold extra rewards cards and a few debit cards that I don't need in my wallet at all times.

Inside my "main biatch" cosmetic case for my purse I carry some of these beauty items. The "Sprinkles" cosmetic case kept selling out, but I finally snagged it during one of the Kate Spade Surprise Sales (which are bad for your bank account). I can't find one to link that isn't sold out, but keep your eye on those surprise sales-- you never know.
The Lucrative Lip Gloss in Luxe is from Younique Cosmetics. It is so soft and not sticky, honestly, the best gloss I have ever worn. This color is "Loveable" which is the PERFECT girly pink shade.
Endless Weekend perfume is my newest favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. It reminds me of something more expensive that I can't remember, but anyway, who doesn't love the weekend?!
I am a cupcake freak. Give me Chap Stick in Cake Batter for Easter, Christmas, and my Birthday and we will be best friends forever. It's an essential at all times.
Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips was a Target checkout last minute purchase and I am liking the nice shiny hue for summer.
The Stila lipstick I HAD to have, even if it wasn't spelled correctly. Amelia is a great name, and the color is pretty also.

I am a LASH girl and a MASCARA SNOB...I admit it. Mascara has always been my absolute favorite beauty product since I started wearing it. A few months ago I came across a post on Instagram about Younique and the 3-D FiberLash Mascara and bought some. I have tried almost every designer and store brand mascara under the sun and nothing tops this stuff. I loved it so much I became a presenter for Younique and host online parties sharing all the beauty goodies. I carry my mascara everywhere because you never know when someone will ask about your lashes and you can share the love!
The cute mascara bag is from Etsy. There are so many pouches with cute sayings for inside your bags. I love having a bunch of them on hand to organize inside my big purse!

I am a huge Kate Spade fan. Not only is every thing I own of her's well made and cute...her marketing is top notch. I have an eye for a good splash of color and consistency, and she nails it. 
The Kate Spade iPhone 5 case is old, but still available here. 
I found the wallet not long after Christmas to match a gold bag I had purchased. The wallet is the perfect size for what I need to carry. I am a fan of a bigger wallet.
The pink sunnies are probably my most favorite pair this summer. I have received a ton of compliments on them and adore the color.

Last but not least, the nitty gritty. As I mentioned before, these ipsy bags are perfect for storing little items such as the ones above. I carry my floss, some tampons (yup--I just featured some tampons up in here) and my Dr. Scholl's Rub Relief.  The Dr. Scholl's is amazing, especially with a newer pair of works wonders.

That's " A Peek In My Purse" Edition 1. Now please don't rob me for my tampons or Chap Stick. 

What's the strangest or best thing inside your purse? Let me know in the comments!
 Have a great sunshiny weekend everyone!

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  1. Sooo, the best part of this blog is EVERYTHING and the worst part is that I have to wait until Monday for the next one :(
    Strangest thing in my bag would probably be these little fold up scissors, they come in handy, but most of the time I feel like a Grandma pulling those babies out. Can't win 'em all I guess ;)
    p.s. Can we get some emojis up in this comments section! :) Have a fun filled weekend!

  2. YOU are the SWEETEST E!
    Scissors sound dangerous, you're kind of like a superhero with those things in your bag! Wish I had an LV I could showcase here :)
    Emoji's would be awesomeeeee!

  3. Purse gum. Gum that has fallen out of the wrapper and sits at the bottom of your purse. Only to be used in an emergency because you chew dirt when you eat it. More dangerous than pocket gum, but I'm not above it in a pinch!

  4. I have that problem with my Orbit never stays in the pack. I keep that in a side pocket so my purse gum never gets toooo dirty ;)